Launchpad, Security and Extensions Training

There are a group of applications that have been delivered to address often used functions like self-service tasks, workflow approvals, and information lookups. Fiori provides simple access across smartphones, desktops, and tablets. It firoi element  is an impressive initiative to provide a quicker and highly responsive user interface. Security and Basis Consultants now need to learn Security and  launchpad concepts to survive in the market.

Hair Thickening Treatments that Work Effectively in 2023

Here are the Top Hair Thickening Treatments for men and women everywhere — top of the list is the Taoist soap which is designed for the scalp and to stop hair loss (both for men and women)  it is single handedly the most powerful tool to your cosmetic beauty (other than diet, exercise and thought management.

cornish rex kittens

The cornish rex kittens, native to Great Britain, is the result of a spontaneous mutation. The founder of the breed is a male named Kallibunker found in the early 1950s in Cornwall. The name of the breed is a reference to its region of origin and its coat similar to that of the rex rabbit.Kallibunker was mated with his dam to create a new line which was later exported to the United States. The breed was officially recognized in England in 1967

baby chinchilla

The Domestic baby chinchilla is a nocturnal rodent. This small mammal resembles squirrels. His ears are large and almost completely bare. Its tail measures 7 to 15 centimeters. There are 3 types the Liechtenstein (short-tailed), the Brevicaudata (smaller short-tailed) and Lanigera(long tail and longer hair). Their fur is dense and soft, speckled gray on the back and whitish on the belly. Their chinchilla cage dentition is made up of incisors and molars that grow continuously (a few millimeters per month). The baby chinchilla chinchilla coat has 5 toes on the front limbs and 4 on the hind limbs. He is an excellent climber. It is part of the Chinchillidae family, chinchilla for sale native to the Andes mountain range (more precisely in Peru, Bolivia and Chile). It lives in altitudes of 3000 to 5000 meters approximately. It lives in a community of 10 to 100 chinchillas. Its longevity is 10 to 15 years but there is a chinchilla that lived up to 20 years

Krakow: The Best Attractions for tourists

Krakow: The Best Attractions for tourists

Introduction: Krakowis a beautiful city with an amazing history. From the oldtown to the cathedrals and WWII concentration camps, there are plenty of things to see and do in Krakow. Here are the 10 best attractions for tourists in Krakow :

Krakowis a World Heritage City.

Krakow is a World Heritage City, which means that it has been awarded the distinction of being a city with a world-class UNESCO heritage. The city was founded in the late XI century by Prince Janusz I of Poland and his first wife, Kunigunda of Lithuania, as a fortified town to protect their joint territory from Rus’ (the Russian Empire). Krakow quickly became one of the most important cultural centers in Europe and played an important role in the development of Polish culture.

Krakow’s world heritage status also allow sit to offer residents many unique benefits, such as freeaccess to its libraries, museums, and other historical attractions. Additionally, Krakow offers excellent public transportation and is easy to get around by foot or bike.

The History of Krakow.

Krakow was founded in the early 12th century by Prince Bolesław I of Mazovia. The city became a keycenter of Polish culture and history and played an important role in the country’s development as a political and economic power. Some of Krakow’s most famous land marks include the Royal Palace, the Kazimierz Column, and Plac Zbigniewa III Hall.

The Role of Krakow in Polish History.

Krakow has been a major cultural center through out its centuries-long history. In particular, it has been home to some of Poland’s most renowned writers, artists, and musicians. Krakow also played a significant role in the country’s struggle for independence from Russia during the 19th century.

Some of the most famous landmarks in Krakow.

Some of Krakow’s most famous landmarks include: Plac Zbigniewa III Hall (home to the Senate), Adam Mickiewicz University (named after one of Poland’s greatest poets), King George’s Column (which stands near Parliament Square), and Wawel Castle (the largest castle in Europe).

The Architecture of Krakow.

Krakow is one of the most architecturally diverse cities in Europe. The city was founded in the late 12th century by a group of noble men and merchants and has experienced more than its share of changes and growth over the centuries. Today, Krakow boasts some of the most important architecture in Poland, including Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque styles.

The architecture of Krakow has also had a significant influence on the cityscape. Many of Krakow’slandmarks – such as the Royal Castle (Kazimierz Redukcjonisty), Wawel Cathedral (Wawel Palace), and Kazimierz Hall – were designed in the 18th and 19th centuries to reflect Polish aristocratic culture. And although many building snow stand unused or are used for other purposes, their architecture still remains significant today.

Some of the most important buildings in Krakow.

Some of Krakow’s most famous land marks include Wawel Cathedral (Wawel Palace), Kazimierz Hall (Kazimierz Redukcjonisty), and Royal Castle (Kazimierz Redukcjonisty). All three buildings are considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which means they have been designated as part of a global cultural heritage that can be visited by anyone. In addition to being a stunning sight on their own, these iconic structures also serve as important cultural icons – both inside and outside of Warsaw.

How architecture has influenced the cityscape.

The architecture of Krakow has had a significant impact on Warsaw too. Many streets in Warsaw were modeled after those found in Krakow, lending even more weight to this city’s architectural legacy overall. Additionally, many elements from Polish civic life – like street lamps and public toilets – can still be seen through out down town Warsaw today.


Krakow is a world-renowned city and offers residents an amazing range of attractions and amenities. The history of Krakow, as well as the architecture, has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Krakow also offers tourists some of the best architecture in Europe, with some famous land marks such as the Wawel Castle and Gdańsk Cathedral being standouts. In addition to its many attractions, Krakow offers its residents everything from great shopping to excellent public services. With so much to offer visitors, it’s no wonder that Krakow has been voted one of the “Best Places to Live in Poland” by Trip Advisor.